DTG printing What exactly is it?

DTG (Direct to garment) printing is a method of digital printing. The principle of operation is the same as in the case of inkjet printers. The DTG print is created using print heads and ink, where the design is directly applied to the clothing. We provide dtg printing services in Dallas, if you will search dtg t-shirt printing near me in Dallas then you will see us at the top of the list. 

DTG Digital Printing

This is a relatively new technology that began to be used only in the 1990s. Thanks to this technology, we can perform direct printing that will maintain high quality for a long time when the T-shirt is used. DTG prints made by us are not difficult to wear, they are hardly noticeable to the touch and are breathable.

Ecological Direct Printing

In our printing house, we use printers equipped with ecological inks. The inks used in DTG digital printing have OEKO-TEX and GOTS certificates, they are very resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage resulting from constant use, e.g. during washing or accidental zipping.

DTG printing is also ecological in terms of material consumption, we bypass the additional preparation process and print DTG directly on the clothing.

So what are the advantages?

First of all, it is worth noting that DTG digital printing reflects very precisely what is on the computer monitor. The details of the graphics are very precisely reproduced.

Possibility to print full-color designs with total transitions and gradients, as well as photos in photographic quality.

Large print area, up to 35x40cm.

Quick turnaround time – DTG printing does not require additional creation of matrices. If the client has a well-prepared design, it is simply uploaded to the machine and a ready-made print on clothing is produced.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use small or large DTG prints – we produce prints from just one piece.

The DTG print is very durable and well-made, resistant to repeated washing.

And the disadvantages?

DTG printing can be made on cotton (depending on the clothing, there may be a slight addition of polyester). It is also possible to print on polyester materials, but it is more difficult and not very cost-effective.

DTG printing is not very profitable for large quantities – then it is better to use this method screen printing.

The washing resistance of white clothing will be lower than that of colored clothing.

Technical issues

When choosing direct printing, remember that the project must be properly prepared. We recommend that files be sent to us in RGB colors and saved in PNG. Of course, we also accept other files and they can be in JPG, PDF and vector in .cdr or .ai

It is important to remember about the resolution and send the file in the highest possible resolution.

To sum up: DTG digital printing has few disadvantages, but it is a method like any other that can be used in specific cases.

Therefore, it is worth writing to us or calling us to find out whether a given method will be the best in your case.

Check our quality in DTG printing

Our offer includes Brother GTX printers, which are manufactured only in Japan. Thanks to this printer, we can make markings characterized by high print quality and excellent and accurate color reproduction in the case of full color graphics, and small design elements will be clearly visible.

DTG printing allows us to print primarily on cotton clothing. In the case of white clothing, the print is more cost-effective than on colored clothing and is less noticeable to the touch due to the lack of a white base.

DTG digital printing allows us to print full-color graphics, also obtaining tonal transitions, e.g. a smoke effect.

Using DTG printing will be a good idea for just one item or when we want to print several T-shirts, each of which would be personalized. When choosing DTG printing, we have no color restrictions when we decide to print small quantities, as is the case with screen printing.

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