GIIS is the pioneer in introducing CBSE education to Singapore

Back in 2002, when Indian expats were finding no suitable curricula for their children during their stay in Singapore, it was GIIS who offered CBSE education to students.

Indian expats coming to Singapore would have to forfeit one year of their child’s schooling to adjust to Singapore schooling system. Which is why when CBSE was necessary, GIIS was the first school in Singapore  to offer a licensed CBSE course to expat students in Singapore.

In 2020, it has completed nearly two decades of CBSE education to Singapore. In the last 18 years, many other schools have set their branches in the city state for CBSE education, but GIIS Singapore remains the best with most experienced teachers and the best results in CBSE Board exams.

The school has produced an ASEAN and Middle East topper in CBSE board exams, while its campus in Japan has been recognised by the CBSE Board as among the top 10 best CBSE schools in singapore based on average board results.

GIIS Singapore has a curriculum that promotes value-based education which enhances the logical and analytical capabilities of a student. Promoting experiential learning, the lab activities and the practical assignments included in the CBSE curriculum develops the interest of the child in studies which results in a better score, less stress, and a fun school journey for the child.

GIIS Singapore also offers great infrastructure for students to study in like digital classrooms, a whole range of extracurricular and cocurricular activities to expand students’ horizons and development, and spiritual and emotional development in an ethical environment.

Parents need to be careful about the other CBSE curriculum schools in Singapore because not all are licensed and not all have the government permission to operate the CBSE school beyond certain years. So research must be done thoroughly. GIIS Singapore, on the other hand, has two CBSE schools, is recognised by CPE and Edutrust and has permission to run the schools for years to come.

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