Top 6 Black and White Cat Breeds in 2024, you must have!

Black and White Cat Breeds in 2024

Cats are very common pets as there are many people who wish to keep cats as pets. I am sure that you know the fact that cats come in a variety of colours and coats: however, the black and white colour coat of a cat is one of the most famous cat coats that people like to buy. Popularly known as Tuxedo cats, this amazing cat coat is not specific to just one single cat breed. 

This bicolour pattern is found in a number of cat breeds and there are many people who want to know about the different cat breeds that have a Tuxedo pattern and if you are also looking for the most popular black and white cat breeds then, here is the complete list for you. 

Looking for the best Tuxedo cat breeds? Looks like you are lucky as this is the place where you will get the best Black and white coat cat breeds. 

Top Cat Breeds with Tuxedo Pattern in 2024

There are some amazing cat breeds with black and white coat patterns that look very classy and this guide will just tell you about these awesome cat breeds. You can easily pick any cat breed if you are looking for a Tuxedo cat as a pet. 


Oriental bicolour, popularly known as Oriental is a very popular cat breed. The cat breed is often confused with a Siamese cat as the cat was developed as a hybrid between a Siamese cat and a bicolour American Shorthair. 

The long and svelte body is covered with black and white satin shorthair. There are a number of shades, patterns and solid colours in which you will find an Oriental cat however, the black and white cat is the most famous cat that is bought by people. 

Cornish Rex 

Cornish Rex is one of the most popular white and black cat breeds and is often referred to as the Greyhound of the cat Kingdom. 

The soft and curly cat is perfect for people who are allergic to cats and this is not because the cat is hypoallergenic. The cat sheds comparatively less, unlike all the other cat breeds that you might want to buy. You will see that the Cornish Rex is not a cat that you need to keep off your couch or bed. 


You might think that this cat is a small and cute cat after taking a look at its name, Ragamuffin; however, this cat has a very healthy and strong body. The rectangular body of the cat is covered with black and white soft fur which is also quite famous for being lazy. 

The cat breed is very choosy as it only likes to play with people that it likes. 

Devon Rex 

Devon Rex is a very different cat which is why it is very easy to differentiate this cat breed from all the other cat breeds. The cat can easily be recognised by elf-like ears and prominent cheekbones. 

The cat breed is very famous for being affectionate and loves to snuggle with their owners. The cat breed has a lot of colour patterns and coat types. 


Another very famous black and white cat breeds with green eyes is the Persian. This particular cat breed has been one of the most famous cat breeds in the world for a very long time and has enjoyed this supremacy. 

The beautiful coat and vivid eyes of the cat are very famous and has a laid-back temperament which is why it is liked by people a lot. 


Another Tuxedo cat breed that you can choose as your pet is Maxn. You need to know that this cat will be perfect for you if you are not afraid of keeping unusual pets as the cat breed usually has no tail. 

The personality and temperament of the cat are often compared with dogs as they show exceptional jumping skills. The cat breed is very fun-loving, loyal, intelligent and playful and this is why they are a very popular Tuxedo cat breed chosen by people. 

Apart from the different cat breeds that we have mentioned in the guide, you can also choose a Turkish Angora, Munchkin or Maine Coon as your pet if you want a cat with black and white fur.

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